NOM: The Demon Eater! comic

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Cursed to wander the 9 Circles of Hell for all eternity and with an insatiable hunger for the flesh of demons, Nom the demon eater will stop at nothing for a tasty snack!

Expect lashings of gratuitous ultra-violence served up with a side salad of swear words and rude bits. Probably not suitable for young children, your grandmother or your pet cat - you have been WARNED!

- 20 Pages
- Colour cover / FULL COLOUR!
- 140 GSM 'Vintage' Recycled Paper


"Dirty, violent, clumsy, crazy, funny and really well put together. This will cheer up any wandering psychopath – guaranteed."
Down The Tubesl

"The artwork is top quality throughout...it’s glorious stuff, and Tonner is clearly having a blast with his wonderfully exuberant character design and creative panel layouts. ..making “Nom The Demon Eater” a worthwhile purchase for fans of well-illustrated, gloriously over-the-top violence."
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